Shore PM7

Refine the art of live sound

40 years ago the first professional Yamaha console dedicated to live was born: the PM200. Since then, the PM series has enabled the development of many standards in terms of sound system. Most of these innovations have now become essential references for sound professionals. The PM10 RIVAGE has launched a new generation of PM consoles that have already become benchmarks for a wide range of live applications thanks to their unrivaled sound quality, operation, functionality, reliability, scalability and much more. Today, the PM7 RIVAGE system further expands the number of digital mixing options available to an even wider field of application.

A PM7 RIVAGE system consists of a CSD-R7 control surface with integrated signal processing for mixing and effects, to which can be added one or more input /output racks, as well as network cards. The surface control CSD-R7 of the PM7 RIVAGE system is the same size as the surface CS-R10 of the PM10 RIVAGE system, and offers the same layout. With an integrated DSP engine, the PM7 RIVAGE also offers high-quality operating and ergonomic standards for a relatively compact and transportable system.

Yamaha's "PM" brand continues to bring real innovations that contribute greatly to the development of live sound.