Kiva II

Long throw modular line source

  • 138 dB of peak SPL (up 6 dB SPL vs. SPL. Kiva)
  • Compact footprint, low weight
  • High amplify density (16 ohms)
  • Smooth 100 horizontal polar response (K grill)
  • 15th vertical flexibility inter-element
  • Multiple rigging accessories
  • Sturdy firm
  • RAL CLASSIC, IP55 rating



Kiva II is a new ultra-compact modular line source, adding 6dB of max SPL versus its predecessor, maximized amplify density with 16 ohm impedance, and a new sturdy cabinet.

Despite its ultra-compact format, the Kiva II features L-Acoustics' Wavefront Sculpture Technology™ (WST), giving it a long throw capability and delivering even SPL from the front row to the back of the audience. Its coplanar transducer arrangement and new K front grill generate a symmetric horizontal coverage of 100 degrees without secondary lobes over the entire frequency range.

Weighing only 31 pounds (14 kg), the product's elegant lines and flush-fitted rigging allow it to melt into any architecture, making it a natural fit for installations in Performing Arts Centers and special events demanding minimum visual obtrusion, and especially in L-ISA™ multi-channel configuration installations.